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Promoting confidence in the reliability of the text of Scripture.

Two seasons.

Season 1Season 2

Season 1: Textual Absolutism vs. Textual Confidence

1. Meet the Textual Confidence Collective

2. Textual Absolutism: A History

3. Textual Absolutism: Its Theology

4. Erasmus and King James: The Real Story

5. Textual Confidence: Materials and Methods

6. Textual Confidence: This Pious Labor

7. Textual Confidence: A Continuing Legacy

Season 2: Slanders against Westcott and Hort

1. Do Westcott and Hort Rule NT Textual Criticism?

2. Is It Just to Slander Westcott and Hort?

3. Common Lies about Westcott and Hort

4. True (and Mostly True) Accusations against Westcott and Hort

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